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Friday, May 08, 2015

Happy Birthday Emmett! Have Fun!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Twitter Alerts & Eavesdropping Bases

Twitter Alerts & Eavesdropping Bases

12 voices protest
12 archives
@ Chanel54 NewsGroup.
Gallagher Nasty
Steven Fringe.
Haptic Windows™
shock & probe while
Ping Mae Lovey performs
@ Nexus365 Nite Club.
Hugh Siphon
randomly orbits his
Privilege #9 paymasters.
Fluffy the Obese Cat
codename: CAPEX kills
Eight sarcastic friends of the
4 Fingers salute the Pervs.
Disclaimer #14 infected the
J E D I  automated system.
Please eagerly reply to
Proof #14.


Strawman Begs the Question:
Hayloft romance or…
Haystack needles?
I’m in love with a Scarecrow!

Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 is the Year of the Snake!

Xin xiang The True-Hearted AKA Heart String
Happy Chinese New Year 2013; Year of the Snake

Cullman Yen sings “Smooth” in honor of Chinese New Year:

Film Director Sun Zhou

Monday, February 04, 2013



I specialize in 115 different fields.
I was the cook for Chem Tron Electodes.
I made super metals.
The coefficient of expansion explains why in 1988 I wrote the math interface on all metals.

I proved that:
All metal is plastic.
All glass is plastic.
All plastic is plastic.
My background is very unique.
If you do enough research on me you know that I was grown in a cloud chamber of argon.

A field is a commutative ring which contains a multiplicative inverse for every nonzero element

Commonly used fields are:
1.    the field of real numbers
2.    the field of complex numbers &
3.    the field of rational numbers

To avoid confusion there are also:
1.    finite fields &
2.    fields of functions

Any field may be used as the scalar for a vector space.
Every field is a ring, but not every ring is a field.
Polynomials with coefficients in a field lead to impossibility proofs.

Algebraic structures with notions of:
1.    addition
2.    subtraction
3.    multiplication &
4.    division... satisfy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Ides of March in October

Ides of March

Please have a pencil and paper ready.
Did you catch that?
Folks please!
It’s not going to happen.
Folks, the Elite know what they are doing.
Everything has already been decided behind closed doors.
This is super powerful!
30 years ago Mr. X began to leak this intel only once a year.
Please everybody in the listening audience, I beg of you to listen to my concern!
May I say that we must take immediate action!
America as we know it today is doomed.
You have a timeframe right now: a window of opportunity right now this minute.
You are going to find it amazing!
By the end of 2012 the dollar will be dead.
First of all do not pay any attention to the New York stock market.
It means nothing.
It is not an indicator of anything.
I did not say the dollar would be non-existent.
And you need to understand this.
And again please have that pencil and paper handy and write these things down.
Put them beside your calendar.

12 Steps to Prepare:
Now the first thing on my list: I beg you!
You must prepare for the inevitable Plunge Protection Team!
Secondly: You need cash!
Mark my words!
You need to make preparations.
Next, 401Ks; oh my goodness!
You notice I’m not the youngest gal in the world?
I have been told that when the dust has settled, you positively must have a roof over your head!
The name of the game is control.
I've been saying this for 35 years.
Did you catch that?!
We are live!
There is no future!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Esteban Colon Has Sock Trouble!

Pictured above: Esteban Colon Has Sock Trouble at the Union Street Gallery on Saturday Night November 12th 2011

Esteban Colon is the Challenge Course Supervisor at Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center Greater Chicago Area | Recreational Facilities and Services

Current: Editor in Chief of Exact Change Only at Exact Change Press,
Co founder/Member at Waiting 4 the Bus Poetry Collective, Poet/ Spoken Word Performer...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween Your Chicago Sponsors!

Happy Halloween from The Chicken Soup Suit Company
& Shiver Brand Dairy & Creamery.